How to Write an Excellent Assessment?


Getting your RTO training and assessment resources right is crucial for your RTO and its success. And it is observed that most of the RTOs are found non-compliant for clause 1.8 (ASQA) during the internal audit. It is mainly because of the issues with the design of their RTO assessments.

Wrong RTO assessments are risky and require re-assessing a large number of students which is an expensive nightmare. So, here a few tips for how you can ensure that the RTO assessment is robust and get it right from the beginning.

Look at the unit comprehensively: Instead of using an element-by-element approach for writing your assessment, build tasks around the desired outcomes. It will give let you identify the most appropriate assessment method to use for performance evidence.

Write specific and clear instructions to students: Your students should clearly understand what they are supposed to do along with what you expect to see. It results in achieving satisfactory results for each task.

Provide clear guidance to the assessor: Just like students, provide clear instructions and advice to your assessors about what do they need to look for.

Create checklists that ensure to meet required levels of performance: By creating a checklist of the tasks for the assessor to complete for each student, you can ensure the required levels of performance needed to achieve a satisfactory result are met.

Mapping: Pay great attention to every small detail when it comes to mapping. It is crucial to ensure that the right question is mapped in the right place.


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