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What Should You Know About the New RII Training Package?

With the new version of the RII Training Package , a number of positive changes and exciting opportunities have been made to the RII program. And what are some of the significant changes? What can you expect from the new RII training package? Read on to find out. Some of the major changes are:   -           12 revised qualifications -           14 newly created units of competency -           15 units of competency updated -           Six qualifications were deleted -           77 units of competency were deleted from Version 6.0 -           Minor updates made to 11 qualifications from Version 6.0. -           Minor updates were made to 1 skillset from Version 6.0 Here is a list of the new and updated qualifications that you can expect: Qualifications - ·          RII20220 Certificate II in Surface Extraction Operations ·          RII20420 Certificate II in Underground Metalliferous Mining ·          RII20520 Certificate II in Resource Processing ·